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Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy requires a 24 Hr notice prior to the time of session start time.

Due to operating during a Pandemic, we understand that exposure issues arise. 

Being exposed to somebody who recently tested positive for any of the Coronavirus strands should be handled with care, even if vaccinated. After the expected quarantine, be sure to test again for a negative result before booking a session.

If cancelation of a sessions becomes fairly frequent, Braille Bodywork will begin to require a non-refundable deposit for each session booked or termination from booking. Refunds will be available only if the cancelation does not exceed the 24 hour notice window. 

Please cancel within the massagebook website or through text message.

Cupping and Gua Sha Marks

The suction pulls toxins, pathogenic factors, blood poison, dead lymph, and cellular debris from deep within the tissues to the surface. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, the stagnation can be just about any type of: blood, toxins, qi, or dampness. The suction created by cupping draws stagnant toxins, heat, energy, or fluid out of where it has accumulated and brings it to the body’s surface. 

Notice: When doing cupping therapy, bruise-like discoloration may occur. This discoloration may take up to 3-weeks on the body before returning back to normal color. 

  1. Blood Stagnation –Injuries, adhesions, menstrual irregularities

  2. Stagnant Toxins –Gastrointestinal disorders, rigid muscles, breast inflammation

  3. Qi Stagnation–Muscular pain, dysmenorrhea, pinched nerves

  4. Fluid Stagnation–Lung congestion, asthma, lactation dysfunction

Once an adhesion or congestion is pulled away from its source, fresh blood, energy, and fluids rush in to expedite healing.

cupping marks.jpeg

Contraindications for Cupping:

  • Prone to bleeding; such as purpura hemorrhagic, leukemia, hemophilia, and capillary fragility 

  • Dermatologic disease, contagious skin disease, serious skin allergies

  • Ulcerated sores or large blood vessels.

  • Allergic to silicone

  • Acute soft tissue injury

  • Trauma, fracture, varicose veins, or surface scarring

  • Extremely thin and weak skin

  • Malignant tumors

  • Severe edema

  • Moderate to severe heart disease.

  • Any diseases of the liver (cirrhosis, ascites)

  • Active tuberculosis

  • Active fever

  • Convulsions or cramps

  • Pregnant   

Sexual Advances

In the case of misinterpretation during a session, in other words, sexual requests or advances, the session will end immediately with a charge to the client. The therapist has the right to end session at any time if they feel uncomfortable in the scenario taking placed. Please note that these type of situations are to be handled seriously and will involve proper authority. 

If a client begins to feel uncomfortable, we encourage you to stop the session at any moment. 

We strongly enforce drapping in our sessions and will ask for approval before exposing sensitive areas such as glutes or stomach for manual therapy work. 

Cupping Marks

This website is owned and operated by Paloma Gonzalez. Braille Bodywork has the right to change and modify Terms and Prices as needed.

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